Anyone else out there running around this week trying to find a costume? We are. Here are a few easy ideas we recommend to make this week a little less stressful.



This one is super easy! Pick up a pair of any animal ears at ANY Halloween store, or make ears with construction paper and glue them to an old headband. Get some paint for your face, or use some old makeup. Find an old box that likely was delivered by Amazon and cut it into a wood mount shape of your choice and VOILA!

Helllooooo, good lookin’!


Chip On Your Shoulder

Take that chip off your shoulder and don’t overthink this one - see what we did there? Find some corrugated cardboard and spray paint it yellow and literally use some type of adhesive to attach it to your shirt.

You’re welcome.

Hint: corrugated cardboard can be found if you remove the top smooth layer on an old box.

Where's Waldo

Where’s Waldo

You could likely find these shirts and hats on Amazon and get them delivered. But, when in doubt, hit up Target, Wal-Mart, or even Michaels for some white shirts and hats. While you’re there, buy some red paint or tape and make the stripes yourself! If you don’t have a black camera (or you don’t want the kids toting them around) make the cameras from cardboard and paint them black!

Not only will you look cute with your fam, but you’ll also seem as capable as MacGyver.

E.T. and Elliot

E.T. and Elliott

Calling all pregnant women! This is hilarious and not that difficult! Grab one of your partner’s red sweatshirts, or buy one at your local go-to everything store. Take a small trash can or laundry basket and cut slits on the backside. Poke holes in your sweatshirt and slide the basket through. Tie it, or super glue it back together to connect the basket and sweatshirt. Place a brown piece of cardboard or construction paper on your belly and make it look like E.T. finish his look by Wrapping a towel around his head. grab the aluminum foil, roll up handle your bars and glue them to your basket!

You’re likely to win best dressed.



Animals need costumes, too! Most of us have an old cone from one of our pets surgeries, or likely a friend does. Borrow it if you have to. Grab some green and red felt and make your olives. Glue or staple them onto a wooden dowel and attach to your pets cone.

Voila, you’ve got yourself a dirty martini.

Bob Ross and Painting

Bob Ross and Painting

This is fun and interactive. One person needs to order the wig and beard off Amazon- we still have plenty of time this week for 2-day shipping. Bob will also need a paint brush and a palette, which you can get at Hobby Lobby. The other needs to get a canvas and cut a hole in the middle for their face. You could glue a strap on the back, if needed, to keep it on your head. Paint the canvas the night before and BOOM, you’re ready for TV.

Hint: Spend some time understanding the way Bob Ross speaks to really seal the deal.


Crazy Cat Lady

We love this. What better way to use your kids old stuffed animals? If they don’t have a bunch of these, you can buy stuffed animals in bulk at Wal-Mart for pretty cheap. While you’re there, get some big curlers and a kids robe. Attach the cats with safety pins so the cats can be played with later. Find some cheap-o glasses and dot them with white paint to make them appear to have pearls on them.

Not only will your kid be comfy all night, you won’t have to change them for bed.



This is too cute and can be done primarily with paper! Save some old paper towel rolls and toilet paper rolls and wrap them in brown construction paper. Cut triangles in different oranges and reds and curl them in half to create fire flames. Get a basic shirt and super glue all of these items to the shirt to create the fire. Get some cotton balls and glue them to an old hat and use a little sharpie on them to give the illusion of smoke. It’s Halloween after all, so give your kid a branch from the yard and consider putting real marshmallows on there. They will have enough energy to trick or treat and will crash from the sugar in time for bed. Good secret, huh?

Happy Halloween


Sarah Clark