Meet the C2 Designs Team!

Corinne Ekle- Owner & Principle Designer, ASID

Julia Wilkins- Interior Designer 

Lynn Cahen- Purchase Manager

Kelsey Noel- Project Manager

Erin Hickey- Project Manager

Sarah Mayfield- Administrative Assistant

C2 Designs is a client-focused, full service interior design firm in Denver, CO.

Corinne Ekle started the company in 2010 and over the last 8 years has expanded it to six people. Julia and Corinne are the lead designers, while the other gals work as project managers, administrative support, and design assistants helping with drawings and specifications. Corinne and Julia were born and raised in Colorado. Corinne’s father owns an architectural firm, Cahen Architectural Group, who they not only office with, but also partner with on several projects.  “Eventually, the idea is that we want our client base to keep expanding, but keep the team small. We love the boutique size of our firm, because it gives us the ability to create more of a personal relationship with our clients.”

We asked, “What makes C2 stand out?” Many design firms have a signature style that they use in all their projects - C2 does not. Instead, they cater to and cultivate clients’ personal style. They put in a lot of time on the front end to get to know their clients, understand their lifestyle, and the needs of each of the family members who live in the space. That is the MO of C2 design: “Most people have an idea of what they want in the beginning. Before we meet with someone, we have them complete a pretty in depth questionnaire. The questionnaire asks about every person who lives in the space, personality, animals, which rooms they want to work on, budget, what style they are after, colors, etc. We ask them to create a focused Pinterest board if they don’t already have one. ” From there, Julia takes what the client has provided and hones the style. She creates a mood board illustrating the “feel” we want for the space, which often includes lifestyle images and other interior design inspiration photos. “This is one of my favorite parts of what I do. Guiding our clients to develop their own personal style and seeing it come to life is really exciting! I am passionate about creating a personalized space that enhances those meaningful moments that take place in someone's home."

Hot Tip from C2 for those of you wondering what you can do today to give your space a little TLC.

First step, DECLUTTER, get rid of stuff you don't love (Marie Kondo, oook). Everything in your house should be either useful or beautiful. Go through your home piece by piece and say, “do I use this regularly, or does it bring me joy with its beauty?” The most important thing to start with is the flow and layout. The space plan of each room. If a random chair is in a weird spot, the whole room will feel off. Accessory styling makes a huge difference. Swapping out throw pillows and purposeful styling really makes a big difference. A fresh coat of paint on the walls is also another way to change the space and feel of the room, but if you don’t remove the clutter then it doesn’t have an effect.

Let’s recap and in even more detail get the low down on the C2 Design Process:

1) Client intake begins with getting to know the clients, their lifestyle and the feel of a space. This usually includes a 2 hour working consultation where your designer will tour the space with you, discuss needs and design direction and review their contract and 10 step design process. 

2) After the consultation, C2 will outline the scope of the project and their agreed upon role. Once the contract is signed, the fun part can begin!

3) The designer uses the info gathered from the client to create a mood board to reflect the intended feel of the project. They select the specific furniture pieces or finishes for the project and combine them into design concept boards. During this part of the design process they also create space plans or even 3D renderings to communicate how your space will change.  They often also propose construction changes such as swapping out lighting, adding lighting, dimmers on every light fixture, paint colors, built in or fireplace surrounds, cabinetry, or the like. 

4) At the design presentation meeting with the client, C2 presents their recommendations and also usually presents the client with several alternatives. At this time, clients typically have feedback and C2 will gladly accommodate any changes or requests.  However, since C2 Designers listen well and do so much work on the front end, clients generally feel heard and changes are minimal. 

5) Once the final design is approved, the work of executing the design begins. C2 provides project management services to their clients to ensure that projects run smoothly and efficiently and any problems are promptly addressed. C2 will handle all the purchasing, track shipments, and coordinate delivery and installation.  This eliminates any hassle on the part of the customer. 

6) Everything is delivered on a scheduled on install day! Designers hire any necessary trade professionals to place furniture, install wallpaper, decor, art and style the space to perfection. This gives clients the “HGTV” reveal moment where they see their transformed space complete when they return home!

If you or someone you know has been thinking about updating their home, but don’t know where to start, C2 Design would love to help guide you! You can visit their website for more information and to book a

no-obligation consolation.

C2, tell the people how where they can find you!

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