Meet the C2 Designs Team!

Corinne Ekle- Owner & Principle Designer, ASID

Julia Wilkins- Interior Designer 

Lynn Cahen- Purchase Manager

Kelsey Noel- Project Manager

Erin Hickey- Project Manager

Sarah Mayfield- Administrative Assistant

C2 Designs was started by Corrine Ekle about 8 years ago. She started it on her own and in the last 3 years has expanded to 8 people! Julia and Corrine are the main designers, while the other gals are the Project Managers and design assistants that help with renderings, drawings and sometimes some design work. Corrine and Julia were born and raised in Colorado. Corrine’s father owns an architectural firm, Con Architectural Group, whom they not only office with, but whom they also partner with on several projects.

“Eventually, the idea is that we want to keep growing, but keep it small. Kelsey and Erin are both in design school and they are incredible and talented and very detail oriented. Kelsey was a Geophysicist before design school, so it makes her very mathematical and scientific in her approach. The rest of the team are more right brain and Kelsey is left brain so we have a really good checks and balances within the team right now. We love the smaller intimacy we have now because it gives us more of a personal relationship with our clients.”

What makes C2 stand out? While they are a design firm, a lot of design firms have a signature style that they use in all projects. C2 does not. They cater to their clients personal style. They put a lot of work on the front end into learning about clients personally, their lifestyle, and the family members and who lives in the space and what they want overall. Most people have a pretty clear idea of that. That is the MO of C2 design. “Most people have an idea of what they want in the beginning. Before we meet with someone, we send a client questionnaire that is very in depth. The questionnaire really talks about every person that lives in the space, animals, pet hair color, which rooms they want to work on, budget, what style they are after, colors, etc. We ask them to create a Pinterest board that is focused if they don’t already have one. Some people may not want to do the Pinterest board, so we take a different approach that works for them.” From there, Julia takes what the client has provided and focuses the style. She creates a mood board, which is the “feel” we want for the space which includes lifestyle images and other interior design photos. Anything that gives the feel of a space.

Hot Tip from C2 for those of you wondering what you can do today to give your space a little TLC.

First step, DECLUTTER, get rid of stuff you don't love (Marie Kondo, oook). Everything in your house should be either useful or beautiful. Go through your home piece by piece and say, “do I use this regularly, or does it bring me joy with its beauty?” The most important thing to start with is the flow and layout. The space plan of each room. If a random chair is in a weird spot, the whole room will feel off. Accessory styling makes a huge difference. Swapping out throw pillows and purposeful styling really makes a big difference. A fresh coat of paint on the walls is also another way to change the space and feel of the room, but if you don’t remove the clutter then it doesn’t have an effect.

Let’s recap and in even more detail get the low down on the C2 Design Process:

1) Client intake begins with getting to know their clients, their lifestyle and the feel of a space.

2) Once the mood board portion is completed, move onto design concepts and renderings.

3) Take the mood board and create a 3d rendering. Typical turn around is 2 weeks, but that can fluctuate. C2 comes up with a space plan and give client a first option, the one they think is best, and then a secondary option if someone says they really want a “sectional instead of two couches” for example.

4) Pick furniture pieces and place into concepts board. Client will also receive two renditions of this.

5) At this time, clients typically have feedback. They make changes and do a secondary meeting after that. There is not currently a limit on changes to a board. C2 Designs listens well. They believe they do enough work on the front end and people feel heard so they don’t have many changes or multiple meetings because they really do their homework.

6) Once decided on furniture items, most of the time they may propose constructions changes; swapping out lighting, adding lighting, dimmers on every light fixture, paint colors, built in or fireplace surrounds, add cabinetry, things like that. They also provide renderings for that at this time.

** Another valuable piece of hiring designer is their connections within the furniture world. They go to market every year and go to the furniture show rooms, sit in the sofas, take pictures of everything. They pick out what is the best piece of furniture or quality and value. They have a list of direct manufacturers they buy through at cost. **

7) Now it is time to finalize concepts! Aka payment. C2 purchases direct, meaning no middle man when buying retail. Higher quality at a lower price. C2 orders and tracks everything to their receiving warehouse and then once it is received, they install. Best part is it all goes in at once.

C2, tell the people how where they can find you!

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