Meet Derek Johnson, the creator behind DJ Visuals.

DJ Visuals helps brands and clients further tell their story with the creation of authentic, bold & timeless imagery. His projects typically showcase products, portraits, lifestyle and automotive photographs.

Derek picked up photography when taking classes in high school. After realizing he wasn’t going to fulfill his professional baseball career due to an arm injury, he took the next step towards pursuing his photography degree at the prestigious Brooks Institute in Santa Barbara, CA.

Derek earned his BFA in Professional Photography.

“Entrepreneurship is both rewarding and challenging, especially as an artist. It’s challenging because running a business requires you to define your self worth and actually put a price tag on your services. It’s also very rewarding because you have the power to choose your path and if you’re fortunate, you get paid to do what you love!”

When asked how Derek describes himself he said, “ A passionate, driven, and kind person. I am very much into the things that I repeatedly do. For example, friends/family, photography, baseball, weightlifting, nutrition, cars, and travel are amongst the top of my list.”

Most people confuse photographers and what their typical workday is like. They often assume that they just take photos and that’s just about it. There are a lot of moving parts, but most of the time is being spent behind a computer editing images, developing marketing strategies, writing estimates, invoicing and coordinating photography productions.

As a Photographer, Derek strives to bring his clients more success and brand recognition. If a company releases a new product, his job is to make the product look incredible and for viewers to want to buy it. He also might be faced with photographing a new apartment building that was developed by a company. In order to photograph the entire property it takes meticulous planning, mostly geared towards time of day. Having the experience or know-how to understand when each location at the building will look best in relation to the direction of the sun.

For anyone who is scared or hesitant to jumpstart their own business or brand, Derek says, “as overwhelming as it may seem, it truly is rewarding and feels really good to build your own dream. We only have one chance at this life so I would hate to be wondering later on in life, “What if..?”. Maybe your first business doesn’t go well, and that’s totally okay, but it could be a great learning lesson or even help spark a new business idea. The first year was difficult, but as you build momentum and develop your ideal work schedule, it really begins to piece itself together.”

We clap to that!

Being an entrepreneur takes a special skill set, dedication, self-structure and the desire to constantly learn and grow. We asked Derek what his go-to motivation is, “Hands down my favorite podcast is Impact Theory, by Tom Bilyeu. He and his guests are loaded with valuable information both professionally and personally. I’m a loyal fan and have implemented many of his tactics or practices into my daily life.”

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